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Radisphere is committed to compliance.

Radisphere has adopted a formal compliance plan that incorporates all seven elements of an effective compliance program as outlined by the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services (OIG).

The core elements of the plan include:

  • A written Code of Conduct, Compliance Plan, and compliance policies and procedures.
  • A Chief Compliance Officer and a Risk Management & Compliance Committee charged with the responsibility of operating and monitoring the Compliance Program.
  • Education and training programs for team members.
  • A well-publicized protocol for reporting actual or suspected compliance violations and ethical concerns without fear of retaliation. Team members may report concerns via email to or report anonymously to 855-359-4422.
  • Disciplinary standards to respond to illegal, unethical and impermissible conduct.
  • Screening protocols to ensure that no team member has engaged in illegal or unethical behavior or been convicted of healthcare-related crimes.
  • Effective auditing and monitoring systems to prevent or detect compliance violations.
  • Investigation, mitigation and remediation of identified noncompliance, including appropriate and coordinated corrective actions.

Radisphere’s Code of Conduct and Privacy Notice to Patients are featured below. For further questions about the Radisphere compliance program, please contact Mary Lou Beaulieu, VP, General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer, at or 216.595.8436.

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