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Radisphere has partnered with more than 100 facilities in 28 states to bring standards-based radiology to health systems. The results at several of our hospital clients are featured below.

  • Radisphere Helps Turn Radiology into a “Flagship Service” at Lima Memorial Health System
    Lima Memorial Health System’s (LMHS) medical staff had grown dissatisfied with their radiology services. Radisphere helped LMHS turn radiology back into a flagship service line and raised physician satisfaction to 98% due to greatly improved report turnaround times. By improving service levels, turnaround times, and overall quality—including 100% final interpretations—Radisphere has partnered with LMHS physicians to provide the best possible care to patients in Northwest Ohio.
  • Radisphere Bolsters Confidence at Wooster Community Hospital
    Wooster Community Hospital (WCH) struggled with multiple contracts for radiology services and Quality Assurance (QA) processes that were manual and hard to track. This created unnecessary anxiety and extra work for WCH in preparing for inspections by The Joint Commission (TJC). WCH contracted with Radisphere to improve the overall quality of radiology and simplify TJC inspections in three meaningful ways.
  • Radisphere Drives Over $955,000 in Reimbursements via New Growth in IR and Outpatient MRI/CT at 297-Bed Health System
    The medical staff serving this four hospital system was unhappy with the quality and service from their former radiology group. Radisphere staffed a local team of hospital-based radiologists and a remote team of 50 privileged subspecialty teleradiologists, who work together to deliver final reports and consults 24×7. Radisphere’s standards-based services, local campaigns to increase referrals, and business intelligence analytics focused on service levels and utilization helped drive significant imaging volume growth and increase medical staff satisfaction.
  • Radisphere Grows Outpatient Imaging and Improves TATs by 25-30% at 150 Bed Hospital
    Driven by a need for greater radiology quality improvements and performance data to ensure TJC accreditation and a desire to consolidate from three radiology services contracts into one seamless solution, this full service acute-care hospital turned to Radisphere for its advanced quality standards and business intelligence analytics to drive growth and ensure appropriate resource utilization. Radisphere not only eliminated $200,000 in extra fees, but it also significantly improved TATs and grew YOY outpatient imaging volume.
  • Radisphere Provides Cost-Effective Radiology Services and Faster TATs for Final Subspecialty Reports at 90 Bed Hospital
    With a prior radiology group that was dissolving due to retirements and changes, this hospital needed a cost-effective solution that could deliver faster service levels and support its cancer center with subspecialty PET CT reports. Radisphere was able to eliminate more than $300,000 in nighthawk and transcription fees, drive outpatient growth in high tech modalities, and immediately improve turnaround times. Its subspecialty reports also earned praise from the hospital’s medical staff.