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Misdiagnosis is Pervasive in Healthcare and Radiology is Part of the Problem

| May 8, 2013

An article in this week’s Washington Post speaks to the massive problem of misdiagnosis in healthcare. Interestingly, there is no mention of the role of radiology in the misdiagnosis problem. Imaging touches nearly every patient and disease category at hospitals today and is a big part of the diagnostic process. And despite its critical role in the patient care continuum, radiology lags substantially behind other healthcare practices in terms of quality standards

Without comprehensive or consistent standards of care, it is nearly impossible for the practice of radiology to be held accountable for superior, let alone good, service. As a measure of the pervasiveness of errors in radiology, Radiology Quality Institute research indicates an average documented error rate of 4.4% across modalities and up to 9.2% depending on the type of studies interpreted, modality mix and subspecialty expertise.

Radiology providers are increasingly being encouraged to embrace quality standards and newer technologies that are enabling the delivery of standards-based radiology services. Download our white paper to learn how health systems can use their scale and technology to adopt measurable performance standards across their hospitals, resulting in better and lower cost patient care.

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