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Like all specialties and arguably more than most, radiology needs to re-establish its ability to create value for the patient and system. In order to do so, radiology must prove that it can increase the quality of patient care and reduce the total cost of healthcare delivery.

Value for Health Systems

Radisphere solutions enable health systems to measure and improve their radiology performance across the enterprise. We help systems establish a common set of radiology standards, gain transparency into performance, and ensure compliance to standards.  As a result, health systems are able to eliminate errors, variation and waste across the enterprise, improving the overall quality and cost of patient care.

As evidenced by our results to date and research across multiple health systems, the benefits of a standards-based radiology delivery model are clear and compelling:

  • Increase subspecialty reads, particularly for MR, pediatric and women’s imaging
  • Achieve 98% or greater compliance to your committed TATs
  • Gain complete transparency into error rates
  • Achieve 20% reduction in hi-tech imaging utilization and 400% reduction in follow-up imaging
  • Reduce ED and inpatient LOS, enabling greater throughput and patient volume
  • Identify savings in administrative, labor and variable costs

Standards-based radiology is essential to reducing clinical variation across health systems and pushing the cost curve in population health or fee-for-value environments.

Value for Radiologists

Radisphere solutions provide radiologists, whether employed by the health system or at a radiology group providing service to the system, with the technology and services required to deliver highly specialized care and measure performance against clearly defined standards. The goal is to help radiologists demonstrate the value they are creating to expand and sustain their relevance.

Radisphere solutions enable radiologists to collaborate across the system and focus on the services on which they specialize, spending more time on the work they are good at and enjoy.  Radiology groups can establish greater longevity by expanding the reach of their practice, accessing new profit pools, and easing into part time roles. They can also access radiology dashboards for complete visibility into their performance, with the ability to benchmark against other providers across the system and nation.

With the tools to effectively integrate across the enterprise and into the patient care continuum, radiologists and provider groups can re-establish their value in delivering higher quality and lower cost care for the system.


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