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Provide consultations and proactive communication of critical findings within 60 minutes

Providing timely consultations and relaying critical findings are essential to the delivery of fast and accurate diagnoses.

The Radiology Quality Institute recommends that radiologists should be available for consultation within 60 minutes regardless of the time of day to ensure the highest quality in patient care. Radiologists should either be available for live consultation or have the ability to share images real-time through video conferencing. The RQI also recommends a standard of less than 60 minutes for the communication of critical findings.

Radisphere provides 24×7 on-demand access to its subspecialty radiologists via live consultations or video conferencing. We guarantee consultations within 60 minutes and offer three ways to connect:

  1. Dial the Reading Radiologist Directly: The reviewing radiologist’s direct phone number is listed at the bottom of every report
  2. Contact our Client Support Center: The operations center is open 24×7 and will connect referring physicians with the reviewing radiologist or another within the same subspecialty
  3. Schedule a Live Consult via our iPhone Application: Providers can contact radiologists directly or request to be called back with the touch of a button from within any patient study

The need to reliably complete and document enhanced communication of critical findings is a regulatory requirement and is essential to facilitating timely patient treatment. Failure to communicate critical findings is one of the most common drivers of malpractice risk in radiology and managing urgent communication workflow is very challenging without automated solutions for reporting.

Radisphere reports all critical findings using the below process:

  1. Our radiologists proactively call referring physicians at the time of diagnoses when there is a critical finding
  2. We integrate client-specific escalation procedures into the communication workflow to ensure consistent and timely follow-up
  3. We verify and document results with a time-stamped log to ensure closed-loop communication

Maintaining a less than 60 minute standard for the completion of on-demand consultations and proactive communication of critical findings is critical to the delivery of high quality patient care.


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