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Establish a prospective, double-blind peer review for >1% of all studies

When peer review is done right, radiologists learn from their mistakes and the whole system is made safer. Most peer review programs rely on self-selected cases and allow individual radiologists to make judgments about the accuracy of their colleague’s work. These practices have been strongly linked to underestimation of error rates. In contrast, Radisphere’s process is free from bias and rooted in the concept that participation by many experts leads to more credible results.

Radisphere employs a random and statistically-valid sampling methodology to select reports for each of our radiologists, which is essential to develop a complete picture of physician performance.  Once cases are selected, they are de-identified and first evaluated using a double-blind process to ensure the review is objective.  After the double-blind review is complete, cases then receive final evaluation by a peer review adjudication committee comprised of experts in each radiologic subspecialty.

The process works and the results are compelling. Radisphere consistently outperforms industry benchmarks for diagnostic accuracy – leading to better patient care, lower malpractice risk and a high level of radiologist satisfaction with the peer review program. A recent survey of Radisphere radiologists revealed that 89.8% of respondents believe the peer review program helps them.

Radisphere’s peer review program:

  • Is proactive rather than reactive
  • Enables objective, statistically valid, ongoing assessment of radiologist performance
  • Incorporates targeted evaluation of high risk and problem prone examinations
  • Adheres to a “just culture” model for non-punitive treatment of inadvertent human errors
  • Helps individual radiologists learn and provide more accurate interpretations
  • Drives the development of tools to make all Radisphere reports more accurate

Radisphere’s peer review program ensures that our radiologists are held accountable to high standards of performance, while fostering a culture of learning that makes radiology safer and more accurate.


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