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Improve accuracy and consistency with final reports 24×7, standardized templates and diagnostic checklists

Telemedicine has enabled the integration of third party teleradiology providers and preliminary reads into the basic radiology delivery model, but the quality standard should be for a single radiology service provider to deliver final reads 24×7. Radiology providers must therefore evolve their telemedicine practices to incorporate advanced workflow-driven technologies that enable the delivery of complete and scalable subspecialty around-the-clock, resulting in only final reads and one standard of care.

In addition to only providing final reads around the clock, Radisphere uses standardized and checklist-driven templates to ensure its reports are highly consistent and accurate. Checklists have long been used in other industries, such as aviation, to ensure important steps are not skipped in processes that are voluminous and complex. Radisphere has taken that approach and applied it to the practice of radiology to improve accuracy and consistency through the integration of diagnostic checklist workflows.

Based on its review of more than 500 studies and 15,000 procedural variations, the Radiology Quality Institute isolated radiology issues that are most often overlooked. Radisphere developed its checklist based on these often missed issues to aid radiologists in providing a thorough inspection of all pathology. Our checklist reporting formats conform to the ACR Practice Guidelines for Communication of Diagnostic Imaging Findings and the RSNA Informatics Reporting. Radisphere continues to refine its checklists based on new studies to ensure every report is comprehensive, accurate and conclusive.

Radisphere has received top recognition for both the quality and speed of its reports, most recently in the KLAS report entitled Teleradiology Services 2011: Times are Changing.


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