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Deliver final reports within contracted TATs

The measurement of turnaround times is the most commonly adopted performance metric to gauge the success of radiology service today.  While TAT is a very important part of the equation, it should not be the only measure since it is does not appropriately account for report accuracy. When measuring report TATs, it is critical that all hospitals across a health system track performance against a common set of measurement criteria to ensure they are delivering a consistent level of service. Radiology providers should therefore be held accountable to these service levels as part of their contract.

The Radiology Quality Institute recommends the following standards for final report TATs:

Radiology Turnaround Time TAT

Radisphere’s cloud-based radiology information system includes advanced routing logic to ensure that radiology worklists are appropriately balanced across a system’s radiology groups and radiologists. Our services operations center also receives TAT alerts when reports are nearing their deadline so we can re-assign as needed. In addition, our teleradiologists can be utilized as needed to pick up gaps in coverage while still meeting TAT deadlines.

Radisphere provides dashboards for radiology groups and radiologists so they can track their performance. We also provide monthly and quarterly reports for systems to gauge the overall performance of their radiology enterprise and identify areas that need improvement.

End-to-end turnaround times involve many stages including ordering the scan, sending the scan, validation and reading. The turnaround times shown below are defined as “Validate to Read” which is the time from validation to the radiologist performing the read.

Radiology Turnaround Time TAT

The additional stages of an end-to-end turnaround time are also important. Radisphere captures this information by modality, which is important to understand potential delays in the process. We share these metrics with each of our clients on a monthly, quarterly and annual basis to identify opportunities for improvements.

Radisphere has received top recognition for its TAT and report quality, most recently in the KLAS report entitled Teleradiology Services 2011: Times are Changing.


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